Who are we ?

ALTEX Group is an established company based in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, China, which specializes in producing scale models and 3D renderings. We have over 15 years of experience serving demanding real estate developers, real estate agents, city planners, architects and many other profiles of clients from all over the world.

Our teams

Our model making division is composed of 345 skilled engineers while our 3D division is powered by 37 designers and producers.


The manamagement team of Altex Group includes:


James Jiang, CEO  (Email: info@altexgroup.com)

Emily Liu, Chief Financial Officer  (Email: contact@altexgroup.com)

Letae Wu, GM  (Email: letae@altexgroup.com)

Vivian Dai, Admin Manager (Email: vivian@altexgroup.com)

Christopher Lu, Chief Production Manager (christopher@altexgroup.com)


We speak English, Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

Our core values

→ The best standards of quality
→ A clear production follow-up process
→ Unrivalled prices
→ The fastest production timings
→ Excellent customer relationship

Our clients

We are working for some of the most prestigious and demanding real estate developers and architects. From small-sized business to listed companies, we are working hand in hand daily with those who are building and designing the homes of tomorrow, and bring their projects to life.

The environment

We care for the environment. 100% of the material used in our models are eco-friendly and at the ISO 9001:2000 standards.